How Do You Use Emotes in Marvel Snap?

You serious?

by J.R. Waugh
Image: Columbia Pictures; Marvel Snap logo: Second Dinner

Marvel Snap is an excellent mobile game for players looking to have diverse strategies and Marvel characters along with the publisher’s flair for their experience. The game offers bite-sized, yet nail-biting matches with players online, yet sometimes the extent to which you’re able to communicate feels limited or almost hidden. One option is that of emotes in Marvel Snap, which you might notice from time to time, with cheeky little Spider-Man or Ms. Marvel faces popping up from your opponent. The trick to using emotes in the game isn’t too complicated, but you’ll need to know where to look.

How to Sent Emotes and Interactions in Marvel Snap

When in a match with another player, hit your profile on the top left of the game screen, and you’ll see Marvel characters with corresponding reactions you can select to send as emotes. You can even send text interactions, however brief, as additional communication, obviously instead of full custom text messages. This allows the games to stay friendly, yet occasionally spicy or funny.

You can select many options in the emotes, and you can scroll either by dragging to the left or right for the options with your finger on mobile or with the mouse on PC. Whether the situation arises when an opponent plays a flashy variant card you want, thus warranting a Spider-Man pointing emote, or you’re dropping some hard hints you’re about to Snap and double your bets on winning and thus send a Thanos emote. Emotes are fun and easy to use in Marvel Snap but are not clearly indicated where to find them. Don’t forget to congratulate your opponent when they play well, and celebrate your good plays.

Marvel Snap released on October 18, 2022, for iOS and Android. On that same day, an Early Access version for Steam was released.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2022