How Does Elemental Weakness Work in POE? Explained

Check out all you need to know about one of the game's most useful supporting spells!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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In Path of Exile, players can make use of a wide array of gems in order to bring their enemies to their knees, many of which, like Elemental Weakness, can be game-changing. But how does Elemental Weakness work in POE? Now, here’s how Elemental Weakness Works in Path of Exile.

How Does Elemental Weakness Work in POE

As its name implies, Elemental Weakness is a spell/hex that will allow you to lower the Elemental Resistance of all enemies within its AoE upon cast. After casting it, you will also receive a bonus of 10 Doom per second during its duration, thus increasing its overall power.

Although the hex does not generate an aura, you will be able to add the propriety to it by making use of focused gems like Blasphemy Support.

The spell will have a 0.50-second cast time, lower the resistance of targets by 20%, and cost 16 Mana at level 1. At level 20, the cast will lower the resistance of enemies by 29%, last for 11 seconds, and cost a total of 33 Mana.

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How to Get Elemental Weakness in Path of Exile

You will be able to get the active skill gem holding the Elemental Weakness Hex in Path of Exile by purchasing it after completing the Lost in Love quest (Act 3) while playing as either a Scion, a Shadow, a Templar, or a Witch.

You will be able to trigger the quest by talking to either Maramoa on The Sarn Encampment or by spotting Clarissa on The City of Sarn.

The Gem will be available for sale for either 1x Orb of Alteration or 1x Scroll Fragment, the latter only when on sale. Once you acquire the gem, just place it in a matching socket in order to get access to the hex.

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- This article was updated on April 17th, 2023

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