How does Skill Mastery Work in Wartales? Explained

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how Skill Mastery works in Wartales so you can upgrade your Companions? Skill Mastery is a book you can buy or loot in Wartales, used to upgrade your Companions’ class skills. However, with the latest changes, how and when you can obtain Skill Mastery books may not be clear. So here is where to find Skill Mastery books and how to upgrade your companions in Wartales.

How to Upgrade Companions in Wartales

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The Skill Mastery book allows one of your Companions to upgrade one of their class skills. After using the Skill Mastery book, the chosen class skill will be upgraded. For instance, here is what the Hunter (Recoil Shot) skill will change if chosen:

  • Original: Targets an enemy within 8 meters. Deals medium damage, knocks them back 2 meters, and applies Slowdown for 1 round.
  • After Skill Mastery Book: Skill damage boosted slightly, knockback goes from 2 meters to 3 meters, and Slowdown now lasts 2 rounds instead of 1.
Image: Shiro Unlimited

Here is how to upgrade a Companion’s class skills in Wartales once you have a Skill Mastery book in your inventory:

  1. Open Character Sheet
  2. Hover your Mouse over your Companion’s specific ability in their character sheet.
    • Look at the bottom part of the character sheet screen, which is to the right of the companion equipment
  3. Right Click on the Skill
  4. Select “Do you want to upgrade the skill”

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Where to Find Skill Mastery Book in Wartales

Image: Shiro Unlimited

With the latest update, you must be level 4 on the red path before obtaining them. Once you have reached this level and path, you can then find a Skill Mastery book in the following locations:

  • Smot’s Arena
  • Training Camps
  • Vertusian Province: You will find a Skill Mastery book in a secret chest at the very north part of this location.
  • Champion of Vertusian Province: You will find a Skill Mastery book in a secret chest near this location.

It isn’t possible to upgrade 100% of the class skills in the game, but there is a ton you can, which means you will have a lot of flexibility when upgrading your Companions to your specific playstyle.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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