How Does the Barter System Work in DMZ? Explained

What can say the word, "barter," in every language in the world? An echo.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how the Barter System in Warzone 2 DMZ works? The Season 03 update, released on April 12, 2023, brings many new features. One of those new features is the Barter System which will allow your Operator to use collectible, non-lethal items in a new way. So then, how does it work, and why should you be excited about it? Here’s everything you need to know about how the Barter System works in DMZ.

How do You Use the Barter System in DMZ?

The first reason to be excited about the new Barter System in DMZ is that collectible, non-lethal items now have use outside of being used for missions. This adds more realism and content to DMZ, keeping you busy after using an item while completing a specific mission.

Buy Stations across every Exclusion Zone will have access to the new Bartering System feature. The Bartering option within a Buy Station allows you to use “Recipes,” which lets your Operator build new equipment from a list of components. The items you can build may be more beneficial than what you currently use.

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The new Bartering System Recipes will include the new Plate Carriers and Backpacks, also released in the DMZ Season 03 update. In addition, you will find recipes for Killstreaks, Self-Revive Kits, and Keys. However, each Exclusion Zone will have its own set of unique recipes, meaning you will need to explore the DMZ to find all available recipes fully.

What makes the Bartering System in DMZ even more valuable is its inclusion of different item trade combinations, meaning you share them with your fellow Operators and Squadmates. This provides you with even more incentive to find these recipes and scavenge for the required component items while you are completing the new missions.

- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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