How Long are the Diablo 4 Queue Times During Early Access?

How long do I have to wait to play Diablo 4?

by Noah Nelson
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If you bought the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4, then you have access to four days early access — but you’ll have to suffer through the hell of queue times before entering Hell. Whether you’re stuck in a queue time or want to know how bad the early access queue times are, here is how long the early access queue times are in Diablo 4.

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How Long Are Diablo 4 Early Access Queue Times?

Jumping into Diablo 4 on any platform is strange because when you first launch the game, you need to wait in a queue. I jumped into Diablo 4 early access an hour after it went live and I had to wait in a queue for around two minutes.

However, there are two queue times you need to persevere through to get to Diablo 4. The first is a queue time to launch Diablo 4 and the second queue time is to get into the game itself.

After I picked my class and created my character, I had to wait in another queue after pressing play. This queue time was very similar to the first — I waited for about two minutes.

Compared to Diablo 4 when it was in open beta, the queue times for Diablo 4 early access are extremely manageable. This might change over the weekend when more early access players get into the game, and it might change again when Diablo 4 goes live next Tuesday, but for now, it’s not bad from my experience.

If you’re early access, you’ll definitely want to know how to claim your Deluxe and pre-order in-game rewards. That could be the first thing you seek to accomplish upon booting into Diablo 4, or you can get right to slaying demons, your call.

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- This article was updated on June 1st, 2023

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