How Long Is Dragon Quest Treasures?

Is this game worth your cash? Find out how long it is here!

by Shaun Cichacki

As players sink their teeth into the meat and potatoes of Dragon Quest Treasures, they may begin to wonder how long it will take before they become the greatest treasure hunter in all of the land. While the main objective may be quite simple, the process of becoming rich and famous may take more time than players expect.

While exploring the seven isles of Draconia, players can expect the typical twists and turns that a Dragon Quest title brings to the table, alongside maybe a few special surprises along the way. But, if players want to see how long their journey may be, they’ve come to the right spot.

How Long Is The Main Story Of Dragon Quest Treasures

Players hoping to find a title that can help them push through the winter blues may have the perfect choice with Dragon Quest Treasures. While the main story may take players up to 30 hours or more to complete, the sheer number of side-quests that this title brings to the table can help pad the runtime to well over 100 hours of total game time.

With the overall relaxed pace that this game brings, players can expect to lose as much time as they would like in the world of Draconia. Even after the main journey has come to a close, the rest of the world and everything it holds opens up to the player, giving them unmitigated freedom to continue building up their treasure horde. Or, if gamers feel up to the task, helping other characters throughout the lands to get some lovely items.

This title is quite open-ended, and no matter if players are trying to grind their character and favorite monsters to the highest level, or just want to explore the lands for as long as humanly possible, there is plenty to do within the world of Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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