How Long Is Scorn? Length, Story, Completion Time

How much time will you need to conquer this labyrinth?

by J.R. Waugh


Scorn is one of the most interesting, talked-about horror games in years. It is a strikingly gory homage to H.R. Giger’s art and even David Cronenberg’s brand of body horror, with a haunting atmosphere and ambiance that’ll linger on your mind even after multiple playthroughs. Above all else, it’s intended to be a poignant artistic expression, and a great storytelling experience while remaining concise like any strong horror title. But exactly how long is Scorn, and how much time will you need to dedicate to it?

How Long Is a Scorn Playthrough?

Scorn is not terribly long, and is officially claimed to have an average complete playthrough lasting anywhere between 7-10 hours. Some players might find the puzzles trickier, like the Spinning 3 Rings Combination Puzzle, or get lost, inflating that to the 10-15 range, while others who either have aptitude with the puzzles or have read some of our guides could speed through in as few as 3-5 hours. It depends on how well you handle the obstacles, how quickly you adjust to combat situations, and how successfully you navigate without a map. But the game is meant to be fully explored, and for you to drink in the sights: it’s a gorgeous title, brought wonderfully to life with a combination of macabre desolation yet enticing mystique.

One exciting thing about the concise nature of the game is, if you’re an avid achievement hunter, you’ll be pleased how many of the Scorn achievements are awarded simply for playing through the game all the way. Scorn is an artistic achievement, if you stick around for the long haul, you’ll be left with a whole host of new questions you’ll want to discuss with friends or colleagues. The game is roughly on par with the runtime of Resident Evil 7, another excellent first-person horror title steeped in a dark atmosphere.

Scorn released on October 14, 2022, for PC and Xbox Series X|S. It is also a Day One Xbox Game Pass exclusive.

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