How Many Times Does Kratos Call Atreus “Boy” in God of War Ragnarok


by Noah Nelson

One of the trademark features of the Norse mythology God of War games is Kratos calling Atreus “boy.” In God of War Ragnarok, this tradition continues, but not in the way you would expect. The answer to this question does contain general story spoilers, so be warned. This is how many times Kratos calls Atreus “boy” in God of War Ragnarok.

How Many Times Does Kratos Call Atreus “Boy” in God of War Ragnarok

Sadly, Kratos only calls Atreus “boy” one time in God of War Ragnarok. I say sadly because Kratos’s voice actor, Christopher Judge, saying “boy” in his extremely deep voice is just amazing and nostalgic since it was said often in God of War (2018). But, story-wise, it makes sense and is actually important.

Throughout God of War (2018), it is reported that Kratos called Atreus “boy” over 100 times. In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos only says it once. Why is that?

Upon starting God of War Ragnarok, it is immediately apparent that Atreus is grown. He is physically bigger and his voice is deeper. In short, Atreus is no longer a boy to us or in Kratos’s eyes.

Narratively speaking, this is huge character development for Kratos. While the character development was good in God of War (2018), it leaps to new heights in God of War Ragnarok. From the very beginning, Kratos is a more mature, well-rounded, understanding parent who is learning to trust his son.

The one time Kratos says “boy” in God of War Ragnarok is when Atreus disobeys his father’s command, breaks his trust, and hurts his friends. As Atreus leaves the group, we get an angry Kratos calling Atreus “boy” once more.

In this moment, in Kratos’s eyes, Atreus has reverted back to his young, immature self and Kratos reverts back to his extremely strict parental self. Though this gets resolved as the story progresses, the decision to use “boy” just once was a brilliant and powerful move by Santa Monica Studio.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2022

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