How to 1v1 With Friends in Mordhau

Are you trying to get some 1v1 matches going in Mordhau?

by Gordon Bicker
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Mordhau has plenty of enjoyable mechanics for medieval sword-fighting fanatics and some players have been wondering how to 1v1. Whether you are wanting to go up against someone you know or perhaps even a player who has been causing some chaos: it is useful to know. This article will take you through how to 1v1 in Mordhau.

How to Battle 1v1 in Mordhau With Friends and Other Players

In order to 1v1 with others in Mordhau you will have to join a Duels server, you can then invite whoever you want to battle. It would be recommended to use the text chat to showcase you are wanting to duel. You type with the chat by pressing Y on the keyboard to get the panel up. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to duel privately at the moment.

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If you manage to find an empty Duelling server you could then invite your friend and it will just be the two of you to 1v1. However, it is likely that this won’t last long before others join — either to observe or to start rampaging around the place. Unfortunately, there are no custom matches in Mordhau but you can make your own server by renting one online or setting it up yourself.

Why Aren’t There Any Custom Matches in Mordhau?

The developers have simply not included it at the moment and it isn’t likely that a new implementation of this will be soon; if at all. This means that for all of your multiplayer custom needs, you will be using a lot of various servers instead. If custom matches were added to the game at a later time then it would make the process of setting up duels much simpler.

Nonetheless, starting 1v1s in some of the servers will still let you have some friendly duels with those you want to. There have been quite a few Mordhau patches and updates over the years so there may yet be some new features that make an appearance.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2023

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