How to Beat 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Check out how to defeat Pitaya and complete Cookie Run Kingdom's 12th chapter

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Cookie Run Kingdom gives its players the ability to tackle a wide array of different stages, all sure to test their ability, character builds, and overall team compositions. With that said, among the many stages featured in the game, very few are as challenging as the 30th stage of its 12th chapter, which puts your team against the Enraged Greenish Red Dragon ” Pitaya”. But how can you beat the boss and complete the stage? Now, to answer that and more here’s how to beat stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Beat 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Cookies, Toppings, and Treasures

To start, it s important to point out that we recommend that you level your cookies up to at least level 50, ideally to level 53-55+ before facing the boss. With that said, as Pitaya will have a fairly large health pool, with a massive overall HP, as well as a few extremely damaging moves in their arsenal, we recommend the use of a team featuring Dark Choco Cookie (5-piece Solid Almond) in the front row, as he will be able to deal high damage while also lowering the boss’ overall defense (-20%).

Dark Choco should then be followed by Vampire Cookie (5-piece Searing Raspberry), thanks to his ability to both deal massive damage and offer one of the best buffs in the game. He can then be paired in the middle row with either Sorbet Shark Cookie (5-piece Searing Raspberry), thanks to their high overall damage and their”vs Cookie buff”, Chili Pepper Cookie (5-piece Searing Raspberry), thanks to her high overall ATK, Rye Cookie (5-piece Searing Raspberry), for her ability to deal fast ounces of damage, or our main pick, Black Raisin Cookie (5-piece Searing Raspberry), thanks to her high skill damage.

In the back row, we recommend that you use Pure Vanilla Cookie (5-piece Swift Chocolate), thanks to his ability to both heal and shield, and Eclair Cookie ( 5-piece Swift Chocolate), which excels in dealing high damage and will work as the team’s main debuffer. Using Cotton Cookie (5-piece Swift Chocolate) can also work really well for those in need of extra healing, as she excels in the role thanks to her ability to periodically and efficiently heal the party.

Last but not least, treasure-wise, we recommend that you make use of the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, thanks to its massive ATK boost, the Squishy Jelly Watch, for its ability to lower skill cooldown, and the Pilgrim’s Slingshot, which will lower it’s target’s defense by a large margin. Using the Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather, for its ability to revive units, can also work well if you are struggling.

To recap, here is the best team to use when tacking Cookie Run Kingdom’s stage 12-30:

  • Dark Choco Cookie (5-piece Solid Almond) + Vampire Cookie (5-piece Searing Raspberry) + Black Raisin Cookie (5-piece Searing Raspberry) + Eclair Cookie ( 5-piece Swift Chocolate) + Pure Vanilla Cookie (5-piece Swift Chocolate)


You can play Cookie Run Kingdom exclusively on mobile devices. The game can be downloaded right now through Google Play, App Store, and the Galaxy Store.

- This article was updated on September 5th, 2022

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