How to Beat Brave Heart, Steady Hand in Risk of Rain Returns

What is a Lemurian anyway?

by Alejandro Josan
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Giant versions of enemies are oftentimes posed as more powerful versions of the base ones, and sometimes they are straight-up bosses. Today we will take care of one of those: here is how to beat Brave Heart, Steady Hand in Risk of Rain Returns.

Risk of Rain Returns: How to beat Brave Heart, Steady Hand

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Brave Heart, Steady Hand is one of the many Providence Trials, a new mode introduced in Risk of Rain Returns. You will take the role of Commando, and you will have a Combat Knife as your skill of choice. You will have to defeat an Elder Lemurian, a giant Lemurian that spits fire.

This will be a close-quarter encounter since you will have to use the Combat Knife to damage the Elder Lemurian, although you can still shoot it and will damage it. The trick is that you must remain close to the Elder Lemurian and keep facing it. If you happen to run away and climb the ropes, other Lemurians and other enemies will appear to prevent you from doing so.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

This means that you will have to stick close to the Elder Lemurian unless you want to fend off a decent amount of enemy reinforcements. The trick, as you might expect from dealing with Risk of Rain Returns bosses, is to attack him from the back.

Its main attack is breathing fire directly in front of it, so dodging your way to its back and hitting it with everything you’ve got is the way to go. Don’t get too close though, you will get damaged. But even if you do, it will be little compared to being roasted by its fiery breath.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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Keep the Elder Lemurian close to you. He is a very big, yet very slow boss that won’t pose any trouble as long as you keep facing it. Just don’t get too attached, after all, we are attempting to kill it.

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