How to Beat Gormgant in MW3 Zombies

This giant worm guards the exit of the Dark Aether.

by Diego Perez
Gorm'gant Locked Diary Dark Aether Easter Egg MW3 Zombies
Image: Activision

The fourth act of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s Zombies storyline has arrived and players are already stuck on one of the new missions. The new set of quests sends players to the Dark Aether, but a dangerous foe awaits them on the other side.

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Bad Signal is the first quest of Act 4 in MW3 Zombies. It requires you to investigate an anomaly and return from the Dark Aether alive. It sounds simple enough, but it’s highly recommended to have a weapon that’s Pack-a-Punched to at least level 2 before you venture into the Dark Aether. A few Perks like Juggernog and Speed Cola wouldn’t hurt, either.

Inside the Dark Aether, you’re tasked with breaking 4 seals. After doing so, a massive worm boss will appear at the exit back to the normal world. You have to defeat this worm to complete this mission, so make sure you’re prepared for an insanely tough fight before attempting this quest.

How to Defeat Gorm’gant in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Gormgant is a gigantic Aether Worm similar to Orcus, the final boss of Act 3 in MW3 Zombies. Gormgant shares the same weaknesses as Orcus, so this fight should be familiar for veteran players. You can skip straight to Act 4 in MW3 Zombies, however, so some players may not know how to take it down.

To damage Gormgant, you have to shoot the glowing weak spots along its body. It has a ton of health, though, so make sure your weapon is sufficiently upgraded. You’ll want to bring a squad with you as well as this fight is nearly impossible as a solo player without preparation.

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Gormgant will launch glowing purple orbs at you throughout the fight that deal damage. Shoot these orbs before they get too close to stay alive. Be wary of Gormgant’s movements, too, as the worm will try to launch you into the air and eat you every now and then. This is a guaranteed death, so keep an eye on the boss at all times. Gormgant can also burrow underground to flank you, so stay frosty and keep moving no matter what.

Ultimately, defeating Gormgant is an exercise in patience. Once you get its attack patterns down, the hardest part of the fight is staying alive long enough to whittle its health bar down to 0. Once the worm finally goes down, you can exit the Dark Aether and complete the Bad Signal mission.

- This article was updated on December 6th, 2023

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