How to beat Hot-Rope Hop in Risk of Rain Returns

by Alejandro Josan
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What is life with a little balancing across several ropes in hopes that you don’t end up burning like Gollum in the fires of Mount Doom? Here is how to beat Hot-Rope Hop in Risk of Rain Returns.

Risk of Rain Returns: How to beat Hot-Rope Hop

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Hot-Rope Hop is one of the many Providence Trials included in Risk of Rain Returns. These modes will be unlocked after you unlock your first survivor! As you can see by the looks of it, you play as the Huntress, with you having to destroy targets while also climbing some ropes. This reminds me a bit of Donkey Kong Jr. to be honest, so that’s a nice callback! The more targets you destroy, the more enemies will spawn. Fire Lemurians and Evolved Lemurians will haunt you until you die a fiery death.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Not only that but the “Hot” from Hot-Rope Hope stands for the fiery pit that lies below. You will take damage if you touch the lava floor, but if you touch the fiery geysers – if you can call them that – you will be launched back into the air without sustaining any damage.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The best way you can approach Hot-Rope Hop in Risk of Rain Returns is to shoot the targets as fast as possible before the enemies pile up and overwhelm you. To do so, jump, don’t touch the movement keys or analog stick – otherwise, you can hang accidentally from a rope – and fire your bow towards your target. There are some platforms across the pit that you can stand on and happen to be near every target height spawn point, so you can use them to destroy the targets.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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Keep balancing through the ropes to go to your desired location and fire any targets that may stand in your way. Regarding your enemies, you can use the Laiser Glaive which will target multiple enemies – including your targets – to get rid of any interference and even land some points.

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