How to Beat the Abomination Boss in Remnant 2

Here is how you can defeat the brutal Abomination in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Remnant 2

The Abomination Boss is a formidable foe in Remnant 2 that can deal incredible damage. This boss seems intimidating initially, but if you know its weak points, you can take it down fairly quickly. This guide will cover the Abomination Boss’s weak points and some essential items you should bring into the fight to beat it once and for all.

How to Kill N’erud’s Abomination Boss in Remnant 2

You’ll encounter The Abomination in Remnant 2 during the N’erud biome and instantly notice it is made of armor that protects it from receiving damage from your guns. So, to beat The Abomination boss, your goal is to shoot off its armor plates and then the explosives underneath the armor. These explosives will destroy its outer shell and reveal a purple weak spot, where you should focus on shooting for the duration of the fight.

There will also be explosives on the ground that you should aim for when you find the appropriate time. I found it best to shoot the explosives when The Abomination made its roll attack around the boss arena. Shooting the explosives on the ground will stun him, revealing more of the purple weak spot you must aim for.

Dodge when it rolls around the map and lunges forward with its arms. The moveset can be challenging to understand at first but be patient, and eventually, it becomes easy to read. Also, if the Abomination goes up into a sewer pipe in the wall, it will summon some enemies to fight — these guys are easy and can be taken out with a few shots.

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Best Loadout for The Abomination Boss Fight

The best items to bring into The Abomination boss fight are an Ammo Box, Pipe Bomb, and Confidence Boosters. The Ammo Box is critical as it will allow you to replenish your ammo, which this arena doesn’t have many of; the Pipe Bomb can help reveal more of the weak spot, and Confidence Booster will help negate the amount of damage The Abomination does to you.

As for guns, any machine outside of an SMG will do just fine in this fight. I struggled with this boss battle, but it was much easier once I perfected my loadout. My loadout consisted of Blackmaw AR-47 as a primary weapon and the Western classic as a sidearm. Any mod focusing on damage output and explosives would be best here, such as the Rotted Arrow and Hot Shot.

- This article was updated on July 21st, 2023

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