How to Become a Demon in Rogue Demon

Release your inner Demon. Here's how to become a Demon in Rogue Demon.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Rogue Demon is a great Demon Slayer anime game in Roblox that allows you to play as a Demon. Unlike other action RPG Roblox games, Rogue Demon is strictly a fighting game where you can play with the Blood Demon Art shown in Demon Slayer. Here’s how.

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Rogue Demon: How to Become a Demon

Rogue Demon is a popular game where you can play as a Demon. More specifically, you can use Blood Demon Art which is what Demons use in Demon Slayer. Choosing to be a Demon or a Demon Slayer isn’t as cut and dry as it is in a game like Project Mugetsu, but in Rogue Demon, you can quickly swap between every Demon option.

While more movesets are introduced periodically, there are currently six Blood Demon Art movesets to choose from. By selecting a Blood Demon Art moveset, you are choosing to become a Demon. It’s as simple as that.

And it gets even simpler. The moment Rogue Demon boots up, you’ll have all 13 movesets placed before you — seven Breathing Styles that are used by Demon Slayers and six Blood Demon Arts used by Demons. You don’t need to unlock specific movesets by completing a challenge in the game. Simply select what Blood Demon Art you want and you’ll start playing as a Demon.

If you are unfamiliar with Demon Slayer, you might not recognize the icons that denote what moveset is what. Since I know what the Demons look like in Demon Slayer, I can help you choose to become a Demon. I find it frustrating that the movesets in Rogue Demon aren’t labeled, but that’s why I’m here to help you out.

All Blood Demon Arts Movesets in Rogue Demon, Explained

Here are the six Blood Demon Arts in Rogue Demon and their associated icon. I’ll also include a little description of the Blood Demon Art so you know what the powers do.

  • Temari Blood Demon Art – The mustard yellow icon. Located in the fourth spot in the second row. The silhouette looks like a figure holding several throwing balls.
    • The Temari Blood Demon Art uses throwing balls to fight.
  • Nezuko Blood Demon Art – The pink icon. Located in the sixth spot in the second row. The silhouette looks like a regular person standing.
    • The Nezuko Blood Demon Art uses physical attacks to deal large amounts of damage to opponents.
  • String Blood Demon Art – The white icon. Located in the second spot on the second row. The silhouette looks like a figure with spider webs.
    • The String Blood Demon Art used web attacks to pull enemies in and attack them.
  • Arrow Blood Demon Art – The red icon. Located in the first spot in the first row. The silhouette looks like a figure in the middle with three arrows on his left and three arrows on his right.
    • The Arrow Blood Demon Art used arrows to control your opponents.
  • Akaza Blood Demon Art – The peach icon. Located in the first spot in the second row. The silhouette looks like a figure in a wide stance.
    • The Akaza Blood Demon Art uses ice attacks to dash and dazzle opponents.
  • Sickle Blood Demon Art – The green icon. Located in the fifth spot on the first row. The silhouette looks like a figure with a wide stance.
    • The Sickle Blood Demon Art used two sickles to slice and dice the competition.

- This article was updated on May 13th, 2023

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