How to Breed Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to breed Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters? Unfortunately, while breeding Grumpyre himself isn’t too complicated, your success rate when attempting to breed for him is pretty low. This can be frustrating and take time, but the information below can help the breeding process. Here is everything you need to know about how to breed Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters.

How to Breed a Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters

In My Singing Monsters, the Grumpyre is a single-element Ethereal Monster with the Shadow element. It is first available on Cold Island and can be teleported to Ethereal Island once fed to level 15. You can breed a Grumpyre by using a Deedge and one three-element monster.

The possible breeding combinations for Grumpyre include:

  • Deedge and Bowgart
  • Deedge and Congle
  • Deedge and Spunge
  • Deedge and Thumpies

There is only a 1% chance of getting a Grumpyre by breeding, just like Shugabush. It doesn’t matter which of the four combinations you use above. The success percentage is the same. According to statistics, attempting to breed 70 times gives you a 50% chance of obtaining at least one Grumpyre. Making another 690 breeding attempts will give you a 99.9% chance of obtaining a Grumpyre when breeding in My Singing Monsters.

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How to Breed a Rare Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters

You can get a Rare Grumpyre by breeding a Grumpyre with any other monster on Ethereal Island. However, it is much faster to breed your Grumpyre with a single element Ethereal due to having less of a chance of getting a Double Element Ethereal, which takes forever to breed and incubate.

The possible breeding combinations for a Rare Grumpyre include:

  • Grumpyre and Ghazt
  • Grumpyre and Humbug
  • Grumpyre and Jeeode
  • Grumpyre and Reebro

Once you obtain a Rare Grumpyre, ensure you breed it with a regular Grumpyre for the best success. This will help you avoid those Double Element Ethereal monsters even more than a single element used in the above breeding procedure.

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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