How to Breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters because you are a Gugarland fan or need it for breeding other monsters on Shugabush Island to make a Shuga band? Shugabush is part of the Legendary Shugafam class of Monsters and was created in collaboration with Kristian Bush of the band Sugarland. Bush also supplied the audio used when Shugabush harmonizes from the song “Love or Money.”

How to Breed a Shugabush in My Singing Monsters

You can breed Shugabush by breeding a Bowgart and Clamble together. This is the only known breeding combination that Bush confirmed on his website. Unfortunately, the breeding time is one day and 11 hours long, and like the Grumpyre, the success rate is a piddly 1%.

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However, you can improve your chances by using Wishing Torches. When you choose Monsters to bread, you will be shown how many Wishing Torches are lit, so remember to use them if you have them! Unfortunately, there is no official description of how much an individual torch helps with breeding. You can purchase a Shugabush from the Shugabush Island market for 700 Diamonds if all else fails.

How to Breed Shugafam on Shugabush Island

You can only breed a SHugabush on Plant Island because there are no known Shugabush breeding combinations you can use on Shugabush Island. Once you have a Shugabush, you can teleport it from Plant Island to Shugabush Island after feeding it to level 15. A Shugabush is required for breeding any Monster on Shugabush island.

Here are the possible Shugabush breeding combinations that allow you to obtain all members of the Shugafam music instrument variant:

  • Shugabush and Mammot = Shugarock
  • Shugabush and Potbell = Shugabass
  • Shugabush and Furcorn = Shugabeats
  • Shugabush and Oaktopus = Shugajo
  • Shugabush and Quibble = Shugabuzz
  • Shugabush and PomPom = Shugitar
  • Shugabush and Deedge = Shugavox

Note: The Shugabush and Mammot breeding combination has had the most success among other My Singing Monster players.

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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