How to Build an Armor Rack in Sons of the Forest

What do you call a candle in armor... A knight light.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: New Night

Are you wondering how to build an Armor Rack in Sons of the Forest so you can display your armor? Patch three was just released, bringing many items like Solar Panels and Night Vision Goggles. Another helpful item is the working Armor Rack, which replaces the Mannequin. You can display every piece of your armor set using the Armor Rack while saving yourself inventory space.

How to Build Armor Rack in Sons of the Forest

Image: New Night

The release of the Armor Rack is very exciting because the Mannequin did not function properly when used. As a result, players would spend valuable crafting resources but then be unable to store their armor on it. You will find the Armor Rack blueprint in your guidebook under the Storage section. It is right below the Drying Rack storage item.

You can build the Armor Rack using the following crafting materials:

  • 20 x Sticks
  • 1 x Duct Tape Roll
    • Building a Mannequin costs 5 Duct Tape Rolls, so the cost reduction is nice to see

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There are five different armor sets in Sons of the Forest, and you can display them all using Armor Racks. This double function allows you to add a bit of flavor to your base by visually displaying every piece in a set of armor. There is a total of 10 body slots in one set of armor. It also allows you to save inventory space.

The five sets of armor include:

  • Bone Armor
  • Tech Armor
  • Creepy Armor
  • Leaf Armor
  • Hide Armor

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Note: While the Golden Armor is classified as armor, it is an Outfit item that replaces the player. This is why you are unable to display it on an Armor Rack.

- This article was updated on April 6th, 2023

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