How to Catch Fidough in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Because everyone needs a little dough boy!

by Kara Phillips

As players step foot in the Paldea Region within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a whole new world of Pokemon will open up, and many new species will patiently wait to be caught. Fidough is one of the latest additions and arguably one of the sweetest little dog Pokemon to exist, so it’s no surprise that players are keen to locate one from the moment they boot up the game. Luckily, it’s not a tricky species to find, either. Fidough is one of the first new Pokemon trainers will encounter within the new region, but that’s not to say a few players won’t struggle in locating one. So, if you’re among the trainers working to find a Fidough, read on.

Where to Find Fidough in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The leading location trainers will be able to find Fidough is on the outskirts of towns and cities, and the species tends to linger around Los Platos and Area Two of the South Province alongside species like Smoliv and Pawmi. So essentially, there are several locations that trainers can explore to find one of these sweet little dough dogs. They have a high spawn rate, so the chances are if you encounter one, you will meet a few more straight afterward, but they are easy enough to fight and add to your party.


Although Fidough’s initial appearance doesn’t boast a lot of strength, nor does it look like the most intimidating species to take to the Elite 4, the more time you spend with Fidough, the closer you get to receiving a Dachsbun. While the second evolution of the species also hosts a cute canine appearance, the well-baked body ability, which is new to the franchise and exclusive to the species, can be a fantastic addition to any party. So, if you’ve got an empty slot in your party and you’re looking for a loyal and adorable companion for your adventure, maybe give Fidough a chance.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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