How to Change Handles in Lies of P

Learn how to change handles in Lies of P with this guide!

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P How to Assemble Weapons
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Lies of P’s unique mechanic of mixing blades and handles is fantastic. It allows for more player customization, resulting in builds that fit any type of play style. Before mixing and matching blades and handles, you must know how to do so. This guide will cover how to change handles in Lies of P.

How to Assemble Weapons in Lies of P

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To change handles in Lies of P, players must first defeat the second main boss of the game in the second chapter. Upon defeating the Mad Donkey, players will be rewarded with the Assembly Tool, which is used for changing blade handles.

Once the Assembly Tool is unlocked, changing handles is as easy as heading to a Stargazer or speaking to Eugenie at Hotel Krat. I recommend changing the handles with Eugenie, considering the courtyard is right next to her, which allows you to test out each creation you come up with. This is a great way to practice before heading out into the brutal levels of Lies of P.

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How Does the Weapon Assembly System Work in Lies of P?

The Weapon Assembly System can be confusing at first. The way it works is this: Your Blade dictates its attack and guard attributes, as well as the primary Fable Art, your Handle scales with your stats, has its own moveset, and a secondary Fable Art.

For example, say you want to use one weapon but dislike how it swings in a sweeping motion. You can then take the blade of that weapon and attach it to a different handle to change it to a lunging attack. Or maybe you like how a weapon swings, but it scales poorly to your stats. In this case, attach it to a handle with higher scaling in that specific stat.

Yeah, it can be confusing. Still, it’s a phenomenal system that Neowiz Games and Round8 Studios have come up with, and it adds much leniency and player agency to the game.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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