How to Change Your Patronus in Wizarding World

I want a cooler animal. Is there any way to change it?

by Elliott Gatica

Many of us started off making a Pottermore account before it became the Wizarding World. So, with many of us coming from a rebranded site, we may have also changed as people. We may want to make some changes to our Houses and such. Of what we have been assigned, is it possible to change your Patronus in the Wizarding World? If so, how?

How to Change Patronus in Your Wizarding World Account

Unlike the options you have to change Houses for your account, there is no way to change your Patronus. Whether you had an account from way before or if you use the Harry Potter Fan Club app, there isn’t a way to have another go at a Patronus quiz. 

If this really matters to you, the only thing you can really do is create a brand new Wizarding World account or delete your current one. When creating a new account, you will have to redo the entire process of getting sorted into your House, choosing your wand, and a few other things regarding that.

This can be a bit disappointing for a few, especially if purchases have been made on the account you have. Luckily, if you are someone who is going to play Hogwarts Legacy, whatever you have chosen will not carry over. What you have on your Wizarding World account, even when linked, does not influence anything in the game. Linking your account to the game will only give you some free rewards. 

If it matters that much to you because you want to get a specific character’s Patronus, just make a new account. It might be annoying to switch between two accounts, but you do not want to lose your purchases.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It’ll become available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 4, 2023. The Nintendo Switch version will be out on July 25, 2023.

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023