How to Change Your Profile Picture in Marvel Snap

Discover how to change your profile picture!

by Kara Phillips


When you start playing Marvel Snap, you’ll receive several generic avatars as a reward for winning matches, but the game never explains how you can access them or change your profile photo. Clicking on your avatar does nothing, and there’s no obvious way to access your profile photo to change it, which can be increasingly more frustrating for players who want to personalize their experience with the game. Luckily there is a way you can change your profile photo, but it can be a little finicky to get to. So read on to find out how you can change your avatar.

How Can you Change your Profile Picture in Marvel Snap?

To access the rewards you’ve unlocked during your time with the game, locate the Season Pass button at the bottom of the screen. Once you enter that screen, you’ll see all the rewards you’ve earned and unlocked, including the set of eight avatars that can be redeemed. There is a wide variety of rewards for winning matches within Marvel Snap, so if you’re consistently winning games, you can redeem all your rewards from this location at once. Once you have selected the pack of avatars and claimed it, you’ll be able to use them immediately and change up your avatar within the game.

After unlocking these avatars, you’ll be able to select your avatar from the main menu by pressing it to change it, as you’d expect to be able to do from the get-go. This should’ve been made clearer from the moment you earn the pack of avatars, as it makes the process a lot longer than necessary and has sent players on a wild goose chase to edit their appearance. But at least now you’ll know how to swap out your character each time you earn a new avatar. The generic icon pack you’ll receive at the beginning of the game is a decent variety of Marvel characters as well, rather than just being the fan favorites from the MCU.

Marvel Snap is available on mobile devices and PC.

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