How to Cross-save in Honkai: Star Rail

Keep your playthrough going even when you're on the go.

by J.R. Waugh
Honkai Star Rail Cross-save
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Honkai: Star Rail is the latest HoYoverse game to get players invested in the developer’s RPG catalog. This time around, there’s a strong sci-fi element but with those same gacha elements, engaging characters, and some neat new twists to get players excited for more. Of course, not all players have guaranteed access to one favored device at all times to play. Some players might be understandably concerned with the question of whether cross-save features exist in Honkai: Star Rail.

Can You Cross-save in Honkai: Star Rail?

Yes, you can carry over and save data between devices in Honkai: Star Rail. It’s so easy that all you need to do is log in with your preferred account on your secondary device and you’ll load into the same spot. This will allow you to skip the tutorial and get right back into your main account, although you still have the option to log out if you’re attempting some gacha re-rolls.

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This is great for players who are used to playing at home on their PC with their favorite controller, but then have to be on the go for any reason, whether they are to work or to school. This allows them to close their game at home, go out, boot it up on their mobile devices, and continue their adventures. It’s insanely convenient, and as long as you put in your correct user credentials and verification codes, you’re good to go.

Can You Cross-save to Consoles in HSR?

If you’re able to interchangeably log into mobile devices when not playing on PC and pull up the same account, it’s reasonable to believe the same will be the case when the PS4/PS5 release comes. While the release date is currently TBD, given how the game is going to be the same regardless of platform.

Aside from how well it can run you will be able to carry over your data with very few crucial differences and enjoy it on your couch via console.

- This article was updated on April 26th, 2023

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