How to do a World of Warcraft Character Search

Here's how you look into other characters.

by Christian Bognar
World of Warcraft
Image: Blizzard

How do you do a character lookup in World of Warcraft? That’s a question that the fans of the famous long-running online game have asked quite a few times. Looking up characters is a great way to get an idea of what characters have in their inventory, such as gear, battle pet slots, etc. Character lookup also provides achievements that players have received. The game doesn’t provide you with this information right off the bat, making it required for players to investigate themselves. Well, you have come to the right place as we will walk you through the steps needed to do a character search in World of Warcraft.

Steps to do a Character Search for World of Warcraft

A character search for the massive online game is a relatively simple process, but it requires accuracy. First and foremost, to do a character search in World of Warcraft, you must head to the official World of Warcraft website, where players have a search bar to use. Using this search bar will grant players with all the characters in the game while also showing gears and achievements of the standard World of Warcraft game. Follow the steps below to get accurate information through the website.

  1. Put the exact character name using the correct capitalization and spaces, depending on the character you are looking to find.
  2. Results will show; click on the name you have been looking for.
  3. Next, a page will pop up where you can discover their gear, achievements, mounts, etc.

Remember that there is a high chance of very similar names in the database, so you must input the exact amount of spaces, capitalization, and numbers, so you don’t accidentally look into another character.

We hope that this search tool has got you what you were looking for and that you can now investigate other characters in the World of Warcraft world. You might realize players have a better inventory than you currently; look at our trading post guide, where you can learn about currency to help, rewards, and the location!

World of Warcraft is available on PC.

- This article was updated on March 5th, 2023