How to Download the Sea of Stars Demo

Dive into the sea.

by Noah Nelson

Sea of Stars is a new open-world turn-based RPG from Sabotage Studio, who is famous for making The Messenger. Revealed in the newest Nintendo Direct right next to the Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania announcement, Sea of Star is coming to PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC this year. But, can you play a demo for it right now?

Sea of Stars Demo, Explained

If you want to experience Sea of Stars firsthand, you can right now. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you can download a demo of Sea of Stars right now.

To download the Sea of Stars demo, simply open the Nintendo eShop and search for Sea of Stars. You’ll see an option to pre-order the game as well as an option to download a demo.

Though Sea of Stars is coming to PlayStation consoles and PC, the only way to currently play the Sea of Stars demo is on Nintendo Switch. This may change in the future once the release date for Sea of Stars gets a bit closer, but for now, Nintendo Switch owners are the current winners.

We don’t know much about Sea of Stars just yet, but we have seen glimpses of gameplay here and there. Sea of Stars looks to be an epic, old-school RPG adventure tale that features open-world travel and exploration and innovative turn-based combat.

Sea of Stars looks to be a gorgeous game with dynamic lighting, an openly explorable world, and music by Yasunori Mitsuda who is known for composing Xenoblade Chronicle 3.

If you can’t wait to play Sea of Stars, you can get your hands on it and try it early now if you have a Nintendo Switch. By downloading the demo and playing through what is offered, you’ll be among the first to ever experience Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars releases on August 29, 2023, on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 8th, 2023