How To Dye Leather Armor in Minecraft PE

How to make some funky armor!

by Kara Phillips

Having armor in any game of Minecraft is essential for the nighttime adventurer or deep cave dweller, so it’s no surprise that armor is just as crucial in Minecraft PE. In addition, any avid fighter will rely on armor as a secondary form of protection during particularly challenging instances of combat, and you’ll inevitably find yourself crafting an array of armor whenever you have the materials. But did you know you could take the personalization of your leather armor slightly further and use some dye to sport some funky colors? Read on if you’d like to learn how to do this in your next adventure.

Can You Dye Armor in Minecraft PE?

To start the process of dyeing your armor in Minecraft PE, you’ll need to start with a cauldron filled with water, which can be done with either buckets or water bottles. You’ll also need to know which color you would like to dye your armor, alongside which item of armor you’ll be dyeing. It’s essential to note that only leather armor can be colored in Minecraft PE, and as soon as you upgrade to something with a little more defense, you’ll have to wave goodbye to funky colors. Once you’ve selected the color, click on the water in the cauldron, and it’ll change the color of the water inside.

Once you’ve colored the water in the cauldron, you can select one piece of amour and click the cauldron. The water level will deplete, and the armor in your hand will be colored. A full cauldron will be enough water for four clicks, so you can dye your entire set of armor with a single full cauldron. Additionally, if you decide to change the color of your armor, you can repeat the process and start again. It’s important to note that changing the color of your armor will not affect its durability, but at least you’ll look cool when you take on the next hoard of zombies.

Minecraft PE is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 16th, 2022

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