How to Get Storm Sigils and Where to Spend Them in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

by Thomas Cunliffe
Rethelshi World of Warcraft
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In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, players can earn Storm Sigils by participating in Elemental Storms and then use them to upgrade Rare gear.

While you can now earn higher Item Level gear easily in The Forbidden Reach, quickly farming or using leftover Storm Sigils can aid you with those unlucky drops. This article contains every method to earn Storm Sigils, what they can be spent on, and how to spend them in Patch 10.0.7 and beyond.

Where to Spend Storm Sigils in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (Storm Sigil Vendor)

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  • Storm-Sigil-Vendor-Location-World-of-Warcraft-Dragonflight

Storm Sigils can only be spent by talking to Corxian in Gladiator’s Refuge in Valdrakken. Prior to Patch 10.0.7, Rethelshi was able to offer item upgrades. Why was this changed? Who knows? Either way, Corxian’s coordinates are 45.60, 38.38 (/way Valdrakken 45.60, 38.38).

Rare gear purchased from Mythressa (38.12, 37.55) in Valdrakken can be upgraded from Item Level 349 twice to a maximum of 385 at the cost of a Storm Sigil per upgrade.

How to Earn Storm Sigils in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight


Weekly sources of Storm Sigils in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight include:

  • 1x Storm Sigil from completing Storm Surge.
  • 2x Storm Sigils per Primal Elemental Core (Air, Fire, Earth, and Water).
  • 1-2x Storm Sigils from completing Storm’s Fury.

Rethelshi in Valdrakken will offer the quest Storm Surge, which rewards a Storm Sigil weekly. To complete this quest, you need to gather 75 Elemental Overflow — another currency that can be spent to obtain Rare gear that can be upgraded with Storm Sigils and exclusive mounts and pets.


Elemental Overflow is gathered from enemies in Elemental Storms, which appear all over the Dragon Isles and are marked on the map when active. You can also earn Elemental Overflow from killing enemies and completing quests in The Forbidden Reach.

Four types of invasions exist: Storm, Earth, Fire, and Water. You can loot the respective Primal Elemental Core from each of these invasions weekly, which can be handed into Rethelshi for two Storm Sigisl.

Finally, Storm Sigils can be earned by opening the Glowing Primalist Cache awarded from your first Storm’s Fury completion every week.

Whether you’re planning to explore The Forbidden Reach to earn Elemental Overflow or improve your Item Level, be sure to check out our guide on the location of every Dragon Glyph in The Forbidden Reach to earn new Dragonriding skills. We also have an article on becoming exalted with the new Winterpelt Furbolg faction, which involves learning a brand-new language you can use to talk with your friends in secret.

- This article was updated on April 4th, 2023

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