Fastest Way to Become Exalted with Winterpelt Furbolg World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (Liberated Artifact Farm)

No need for Duolingo when you have dwarves.

by Thomas Cunliffe
World of Warcraft Winterpelt Furbolg
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To earn reputation with the Winterpelt Furbolgs in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, you’ll need to learn their complex language. With no subscription to Rosetta Stone, you’ll need to instead gather Liberated Furbolg Artifacts to exchange for language lessons from Sonova Snowden.

This guide details the fastest way to obtain the Liberated Furbolg Artifacts and become exalted with the Winterpelt Furbolg in just an hour. You’ll even earn some nifty Trinkets and Toys along the way.

How to Become Exalted with the Winterpelt Furbolgs

You can obtain Liberated Furbolg Artifacts from the bodies of Primalists you’ve killed in The Azure Span. Every five Artifacts you hand into Sonova Snowden at the Furbolg camp will increase your proficiency in the Furbolg language by one point.

As you progress in your language learning journey, you’ll unlock short questlines that reward a whole level of reputation upon completion. You’ll earn rewards as you complete these quests and unlock a vendor that sells exclusive items when you’ve become Exalted.

To become Exalted with the Winterpelt Furbolg, you must max out the Furbolg language. This takes 100 skill points in the Furbolg language, meaning you’ll need 500 Liberated Furbolg Artifacts to become fluent.

Fastest Way to Farm Liberated Furbolg Artifacts in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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  • Ritual-Scout-WoW-Dragonflight

The fastest way to farm Liberated Furbolg Artifacts in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is to kill Ritual Scouts in the Vakthros Summit area in The Azure Span. For TomTom users, the coordinates are /way #2024 78 38 Vakthros Summit.

Ritual Scouts drop a significant number of Liberated Furbolg Artifacts per kill, as well as Intact Scribe Sticks, which can be handed in for a language skill point.

We recommend joining or starting a group using the in-game Premade Groups tool (J), as these enemies are Elite and harder to kill than normal mobs. You’ll also be able to pull en masse and farm much more efficiently with a full group.

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Where to Hand in Liberated Furbolg Artifacts in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard Entertainment

Hand your Liberated Furbolg Artifacts and Intact Scribe Sticks to Sonova Snowden, located in the Furbolg camp above Theron’s Watch Flight Point. For TomTom users, that’s /way #2024 66, 12 Sonova Snowden.

Once you’ve maxed out the Furbolg language, Sonova will no longer accept your Artifacts, and you can vendor them for some light change.

Winterpelt Furbolg Rewards

There are four unique rewards you’ll receive during the Winterpelt Furbolg questline, and various items purchasable from Kazzi that require different reputation levels to buy — including a new Battle Pet, ways to customize your dragon, and even a Toy that turns you into a Furbolg.

You’ll also be able to understand and speak Furbolg. Players that don’t speak Furbolg will only see nonsensical symbols when you’re speaking. That’s no excuse to talk smack though; you never know who speaks Furbolg.

Winterpelt TokenTrinket392 Item Level Trinket that allows the player to place down a totem that has the chance to cause Nature damage.Friendly (Quest Reward)
Reading GlassesToyGives your character reading glasses and makes the screen blurry.Honored (Quest Reward)
Defender of the WinterpeltTrinket395 Item Level Trinket that has the chance to summon a Furbolg ally for 30 seconds.Revered (Quest Reward)
Primal Stave of Claw and FurToyTransforms you into a Winterpelt Furbolg for 5 minutes.Exalted (Quest Reward)
Winterpelt Mending TotemOne-Hand Mace392 Item Level Versatility/Mastery Intellect. Unique on-use effect that “bonks” a target, stunning and healing them.Honored
Winter Pelt CloakCosmetic BackTransmog back item.Honored
Renewed Proto-Drake: Stubby SnoutDrakewatcher ManuscriptRenewed Proto-Drake customization.Honored
Windborne Velocidrake: Exposed Finned BackDrakewatcher ManuscriptWindborne Velocridrake customization.Honored
Highland Drake: Sleek HornsDrakewatcher ManuscriptHighland Drake customization.Honored
Cliffside Wylderdrake: Plated NoseDrakewatcher ManuscriptCliffside Wylderdrake customization.Honored
Pattern: Paw-Made Winterpelt Reagent BagRecipeTailoring recipe for a 34-slot Reagent Bag.Revered
Hollowed Winterpelt Food PackBack CosmeticUnique modeled back transmog.Revered
Recipe: Firewater SorbetRecipeCooking recipe that produces Firewater SorbetRevered
Renewed Proto-Drake: Malevolent HornsDrakewatcher ManuscriptRenewed Proto-Drake customization.Revered
Windborne Velocidrake: Spiked NeckDrakewatcher ManuscriptWindborne Velocidrake customization.Revered
Highland Drake: Horned ChinDrakewatcher ManuscriptHighland Drake customization.Revered
Cliffside Wylderdrake: Spiked HornsDrakewatcher ManuscriptCliffside Wylderdrake customization.Revered
DritflingPetIce elemental pet.Exalted

Once you’ve perfected your new language, don’t forget to collect all Dragon Glyphs in the Forbidden Reach to learn new Dragonriding Abilities. The new Orc Heritage Armor is also available to earn through a beautifully crafted questline involving some familiar and unexpected faces.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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