How to Get Orc Heritage Armor in World of Warcraft

Nipple spikes for everyone!

by Thomas Cunliffe
Orc Heritage Armor World of Warcraft
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Various races in World of Warcraft have access to unique Heritage Armor Transmog Sets that represent their culture and established lore. Despite being the first fantasy race in the Warcraft franchise from its first-ever entry in 1994, Orcs had yet to receive the Heritage Armor treatment — until now!

Orc Heritage Armor is now available as part of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s Patch 10.0.7 update, along with Humans across the factional pond. After completing a quest in which you revisit your Orcish roots (minus the demonic mind control part), you’ll receive a shiny new armor set worthy of a mighty Horde warrior — iconic nipple spike and all.

How to Get Orc Heritage Armor in World of Warcraft

To be eligible to start the quest needed to earn Orc Heritage Armor in World of Warcraft, you must be an Orc at level 50 or above that is Exalted with Orgrimmar. Any class can obtain the quest and transmogrify the armor, regardless of their armor type.

Mag’har Orcs cannot wear or earn Orc Heritage Armor, though they do have their own set introduced in Battle for Azeroth. As the name implies, only Orcs can wear the armor once earned. You do not want to see a Gnome wear it; trust me.

How to Become Exalted with Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft

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If you’ve yet to reach Exalted status with Orgrimmar, purchase and wear an Orgrimmar Tabard from Stone Guard Nargol to the left of the Flightmaster in Orgrimmar (50.30, 58.40).

Wearing an Orgrimmar Tabard will earn you Reputation with Orgrimmar while running dungeons. If this rather low-poly tribute to the Horde cramps your style, you can transmogrify it to appear as another tabard or hide it completely. Traitor.

You can also earn some reputation by completing quests in Durotar and the Northern Barrens. Some quests in Ashenvale also reward Reputation. You can check your current Reputation by opening your Character Menu and then Reputation or by pressing U on your keyboard.

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How to Start the Orc Heritage Armor Quest in World of Warcraft

  • Orc-Heritage-Quest-Location-World-of-Warcraft
  • Eitrigg-World-of-Warcraft

The Orc Heritage Armor quest, “A People in Need of Healing,” is obtained from Eitrigg inside Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar. The old orc is standing to the right as soon as you walk up the small flight of stairs.

You’ll take a trip to Alterac with Eitrigg to meet with some familiar faces, including an orc that’s seemingly been shrunk in the wash. The questline that follows is packed to the brim of easter eggs and (incredibly) notable characters from Warcraft’s two-decade history.

Which Clan Should You Choose in The Orc Heritage Armor Questline?

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In The Blessing of the Clan quest, you’ll be tasked with choosing a clan. Your options include every prominent orcish clan in the Horde:

  • Frostwolf Clan
  • Blackrock Clan
  • Bleeding Hollow Clan
  • Warsong Clan
  • Dragonmaw Clan
  • Shattered Hand Clan

The clan you choose will determine which flag appears when using the Clan Banner Toy awarded at the end of the Orc Heritage Armor questline. You can, however, change this at any time by talking to Envoy Korg at Razor Hill Barracks. The clan you choose does not determine which color Heritage set you earn.

At the end of the questline, you’ll receive the Heritage of Dreanor set in its three color variants. The clan you choose does not determine which color Heritage set you earn; you’ll always receive all three sets.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023

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