How to Earn the Hidden Achievement in Demonologist

Hello deer friends...

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Clock Wizard Games

Are you wondering how to earn the Hidden Achievement in Demonologist after seeing the developer’s cryptic tweet from his official Twitter page? The one entertaining aspect of Demonologist outside of the traditional ghost hunting gameplay is the inclusion of secret riddles and achievements. Unfortunately/Fortunately, Clock Wizard Games has not been shy about patching these riddles into the game and then letting the player base run wild with little help.

How to Unlock the Hidden Achievement in Demonologist

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The video on the Clock Wizard Games Twitter page shows a video with a series of cryptic words. You need to really slow down the video in order to get all of the words. Once you have those words you then need to solve the riddle in order to unlock the hidden achievement.

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Here is the original tweet if you want to see it yourself from @clockwizardgame. Within the tweet, the minute-long video provides you with the newest riddle to solve.

However, we have all the steps you need to take so you don’t have to worry about solving another riddle. To unlock the hidden achievement you must follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Cyclone St map
  2. Start a Fresh Match
    • Any difficulty is fine. You don’t need to worry about any items either; you can leave as soon as this is done.
  3. Walk over to the Deer Head hanging on the wall in the living room.
    • The picture above shows what the deer looks like.
  4. While staring at it, say: “I Want to Join the Cult”
  5. You’ll be treated to an in-game event, and you will unlock the Deer Sent Into Madness achievement on Steam.

You can leave the match at this point as there is nothing else you need to do to earn the hidden achievement as it will automatically pop once you follow the above steps.

- This article was updated on April 19th, 2023

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