Where to Find and Use Hospital Letters in Demonologist

How does a ghost start a letter... Tomb it may concern.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering where to find and use hospital letters in Demonologist? The spooktacular ghost hunting and exorcising game, Demonologist includes a ton of secrets and easter eggs hidden across each map. One of those secrets is unlocked after you solve the Romero puzzle on the Hospital map. Once solved, the game will reward you with a short but spooky jump care. Here is where to find and use hospital letters in Demonologist.

How to Solve the Romero Puzzle in Demonologist

As with most secrets in Demonologist, you will need your microphone to solve the Romero Puzzle. In addition, you must speak into your microphone multiple times for the game to recognize your progress and ultimately reward you.

After verifying your microphone is working and loading into the Hospital map, you must first head down the long corridor from the hospital’s entrance. On the walls of this corridor will be letters written in blood. Say each one, and they will disappear from the wall. It is best to over pronounce each letter for the game to recognize your voice correctly.

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After finding each letter, you need to follow the corridor to the end until you find a room with words written in blood on the floor next to a bloody corpse. The letters you collected in the corridor have been added to form a name, “Romero.” Speak the name using your microphone, and you will be treated to another frightening jump scare. Again, we found it is best to over pronounce the name so the game recognizes that you said it.

The developers of Demonologist, Clock Wizard Games, have slowly been releasing the meaning of the secrets and easter eggs players have been finding across all maps. But, unfortunately, they haven’t stated what the Romero puzzle is about or what it is paying tribute to. For instance, the hole surrounded by runes in the Hospital map references Silent Hill.

- This article was updated on April 13th, 2023

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