How to Edit and Delete Rooms in Bear and Breakfast

See how to edit your place to your liking

by Caleb Stultz


Bear and Breakfast is a delightfully adorable game about taking in customers and making them feel warm and cozy during their stay. You may want to swap out, delete, or change up your guests’ rooms from time to time. Considering you will get items throughout the game that you want to introduce to your site, you will want to read on to learn how to edit and delete rooms in Bear and Breakfast.

How to Change Up Your Space in Bear and Breakfast

To change your room, head to the area’s respective workbench. You can also click the hammer on the toolbar if you have the Tape Measure unlocked. When in edit mode, click the room you want to change and a menu with certain options will pop up.

If the menu does not appear on the right side of your screen, click the flooring of the room to get a precise selection of what it is you want to edit. In this case, it will be the entire room. Sometimes rugs or furniture get in the way, so be sure to move them if need be.

After you have selected the room you want to edit, click “edit” or “delete” to change the room as you see fit.

What Happens When I Delete a Room?

If you do click “delete,” the entire room (including boundaries separating the room from other rooms in your space), will disappear, and you will be refunded the full cost of building the room.

Any furniture in the deleted room will also go straight to your inventory. If your inventory is full, clear out some spaces so you can get your furniture back. A little “lost and found” bin icon will appear to the left of your inventory button. This is where you will find any furniture that didn’t fit into your inventory when you deleted the room.

What Happens When I Edit a Room?

If you click “edit,” you will get a user interface that you used to build the room in the first place. You can use the plus or minus buttons at the top of the screen to add space to the room or get rid of space.

As of now, there is no way to pick up and move rooms around. You can scoot rooms around using the edit feature, or you can just delete the room since you can just get your furniture back.

And that is how to edit and delete rooms in Bear and Breakfast.

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Bear and Breakfast is available now on Steam and is coming to the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 15.

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