How to Enter Coliseum Fights in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Learn how to experience everything the Coliseum has to offer in Like a Dragon Gaiden!

by Marc Magrini
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The Coliseum is a major addition to Like a Dragon Gaiden, with substories and major DLC centering around its content.

In the Coliseum, players will be able to participate in tournaments and team matches. As time goes on, they’ll even be able to play as entirely new characters, allowing them to rise the ranks in many different ways. To unlock the full capabilities of the Coliseum, however, they’ll need to complete some important story events in Like a Dragon Gaiden first.

Unlocking the Coliseum in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Players will first visit the Coliseum early in the second chapter. After fighting through the gauntlet of foes, however, they won’t find much to do until returning to the Coliseum after the battle to rescue Kiryu’s ally. They’ll be automatically brought back to the Coliseum and introduced to Hell Team Rumbles, where they can build a “clan” to battle against a horde of foes. This is when the Coliseum’s full capabilities are unlocked.

After reaching this point, players will be able to recruit new team members and increase their Coliseum rank. This will grant them access to new substories alongside new shops and features. Eventually, ranking up in the Coliseum will be necessary to fight some of the toughest foes in the game. You’ll be alerted to these foes during other major story events, so keep an eye out while you progress in your adventure.

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While it’s not necessary to dive too deep into the Coliseum, the rewards you get from participation are substantial. It can be a great way to farm money or simply to test your skills. Just be aware that losing fights can be particularly punishing, and certain battles will force you into a game over if you fail. Train yourself and your allies to survive every match possible!

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