How to Evolve Tarountula Into Spidops in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A match against Scyther's blades? What level can it evolve, though?

by Elliott Gatica

The number of new Pokemon entering the ever-expanding Pokedex means that there may possibly be new ways of evolving them. Many are conventional like leveling, but for completionists’ sakes, the new ones are yet to be discovered. Here, we can tell you about Tarountula like what level it will evolve into Spidops and what else to expect in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

What Level Does Tarountula Evolve into Spidops in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

This Pokemon evolves at level 15 into Spidops. It is quite a low level to get there. Additionally, there are no further evolutions past this. Borrowing from its pre-evolutionary self, it does not learn any new abilities.

You’ll either have Spidops with Insomnia or Stakeout. These are both quite powerful abilities depending on the opponents you face. With Insomnia, it cannot fall asleep. You still will be susceptible to other status effects like burn, poison, freeze, paralysis, infatuation, and more.


Stakeout might be more useful depending on who you go up against. The ability totally useless against wild Pokemon, but in actual trainer battles, there is a good use. It’s a newer ability only available on a small handful of Pokemon, so it’s neat to see something like that be available on more.

Many of the “rodent” category Pokemon, including those like Spidops, aren’t usually tournament viable given their low IVs. However, with an ability like Spidops’, there might be something here. The AI doesn’t switch out Pokemon often, but actual people do, depending on the situation.

When it learns Circle Throw at 41, the Stakeout ability becomes even more useful for the bug-type Pokemon. Since the opponent has been forced to switch out, that new one summoned is susceptible to double damage. It’s a very situational ability, but with moves that complement it, decent attack stats becomes very strong.

Though it is too soon to see the viability of this Pokemon at high-level play, you can just level it up for Pokedex completion purposes.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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