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How to Find Linus’ Basket Stardew Valley

Take a break from farming to solve this mystery.

by Holly Alice


Stardew Valley is an almost endless game filled with flora, fauna, and abundant side-quests. Finding Linus’ Blackberry Basket is one of these odd quests that pop up automatically in the story. This massively popular farming simulator will keep you entertained for hours with its kooky quests and absorbing characters.

The man in question is Linus; a quiet and defensive homeless character that lives in a tent behind Robin’s home and carpenter shop. He is at first unaffectionate to the player – you will need to earn his trust. An easy way to do this is to complete his quest to bring him his lost Blackberry Basket. This will reward you with a full friendship heart (we recommend doing this before you max out friendship with him as otherwise it will be wasted).

The quest in question is attained on the 8th of Fall. Check your mailbox and you will find that Linus has sent a letter to the player asking them to please find his lost Blackberry Basket. This quest does not have a time limit and is part of the story. It can’t be avoided.

To find the basket is quite simple. It is located in the Backwoods. If you’ve never stumbled upon it before, getting to this area can be a little bit of a head-scratcher. Leave your farm to the right, and head up to the bus stop. From there, take a sharp left behind the bus and keep going. This will lead you through the bus tunnel (hint: have a snoop around here too). Continue on and you will be in a little clearing. Linus’ Blackberry Basket is waiting for you on the north side of the area.

Now, pick it up and head back to Linus. He is usually found in his tent, or nearby it in the entire Fall season. And there you have it – quest, complete! See other tips for getting going with Stardew Valley here.

Stardew Valley is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, mobile, and PlayStation 4.

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