How to Fire More Than Three Rockets Using Bastion’s Ultimate in Overwatch 2: Bastion Ultimate Bug Explained

Heard you like artillery.

by J.R. Waugh


There’s a bug that’s causing players to hilariously abuse Bastion’s Ultimate ability in Overwatch 2. This is certainly a lighter controversy compared to the host of issues present at the launch of Blizzard’s Hero Shooter sequel. But players have been shaken by this bug, which can potentially disrupt an entire team’s hold on the objective and displace tanks from their healers, or even wipe entire teams. The bug involves the ability for Bastion to fire more than three rockets from his Ultimate ability, and while it’ll be patched out of Overwatch 2, you might want to know how to pull it off, either for some cheap laughs or dirty kills.

How Do You Use Bastion Ultimate Bug to Fire More Than 3 Rockets?

When you activate your Ultimate, fire your first 2 shots while moving the target, and, while still moving, hit the ‘Fire’ and ‘Ultimate’ buttons at the same time on the third shot to use the bug. If you keep moving and pressing these buttons in unison, you can go far beyond the usual limit of 3 shots, often racking up closer to 20 shots and hilariously carpet-bombing the map. While the ‘Fire’ button (‘RT’ or ‘R2’ or ‘Mouse 1’) and ‘Ultimate’ button (‘Y’ or ‘Triangle’ or ‘Q’) can be tricky to hit in unison, you can bind more convenient options including a ‘Mouse 1/Mouse 2’ option to make it quick and painless.

This glitch is clearly broken and makes Bastion’s Ultimate considered OP, but even then, the community clearly isn’t as concerned as one might expect. Bastion isn’t quite as objectively good as many other characters, but for those seeking an absolutely filthy power-gamer play, this Ultimate bug in Overwatch 2 will make him even more intolerable than ever before. Players have quickly noted how to use this glitch, even making guide videos, so be sure to observe just how this can affect matches.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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