How to Get a Bow in Remnant 2: Crescent Moon, Saggitarius, and Royal Hunting Bow Locations

Learn how to get the Crescent Moon, Royal Hunting, and Saggitarius Bows in Remnant 2!

by Christian Bognar
How to Get Bows in Remnant 2
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Remnant 2 has amazing secrets just waiting for players to discover. Some secrets are hidden behind puzzles, while others are in hard-to-reach places. As you discover secrets, you’ll likely acquire rare weapons, such as powerful bows. This guide will cover how to get the Crescent Moon, Saggitarius, and the Royal Hunting Bows in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Best Bows in Remnant 2

Acquiring the three legendary bows in Remnant 2 can take some time, but they are well worth the effort. Let’s go over how to get these three powerful bows so you can add them to your build.

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How to Get the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2

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Getting the Crescent Moon Bow takes a lot of work, requiring you first to get the Dreamcatcher Melee Weapon and find the NPC Nimue.

Using the Dreamcatcher on Nimue’s bracelet while she sleeps will reward you with Nimue’s Dream, a consumable item. Equip Nimue’s Dream to one of your quick slots and then use the item to transport you to a new realm. In this new realm, continue forward until you see a glowing blue item called “Anamy’s Echo.” Take this item to Ava McCabe in Ward 13 for her to craft the Crescent Bow.

If Nimue isn’t sleeping for you, keep fast-traveling to and from Nimue’s location, and eventually, she will be sleeping.

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How to Get the Dreamcatcher for the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2

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If you have not found the Dreamcatcher and Nimue, we have you covered on both. Follow the steps below on how to find the Dreamcatcher and locate Nimue.

  1. Find Morrow Parish Sanitorium in the Losomn Biome.
  2. Find three dolls and cell keys within the Sanitorium.
  3. Hand over the three dolls to the woman in the cell in the basement of the Sanitorium and open the cell with the keys.
  4. Grab the Nightweaver Statue from inside the cell.
  5. Defeat Magister Dullain at the Shattered Gallery and get the Soulkey Tribute item.
  6. Return to Marrow Parish Sanitorium, interact with the blue cobweb in the basement, and give it the Soulkey Tribute item. This will send you to the Tormented Asylum.
  7. Give the Nightweaver Statue to the cobweb in the first cell on the left-hand side.

How to Find Nimue for the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2

There are two known locations where players can find Nimue. The first location is through Morrow Parish Sanitorium in Losomn (where you got the Dreamcatcher weapon). A door within the building will transport you to Nimue’s retreat.

The second location players can find Nimue is Beatific Palace in Losomn. As you explore this area, you’ll find an elevator with an opening up against the wall that you can jump through. The elevator that has the opening leading to Nimue changes depending on the playthrough. You need to be quick and roll through the opening. This will take you to the hallway that leads to Nimue.

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How to Get the Royal Hunting Bow in Remnant 2

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Players can find the Royal Hunting Bow in the Postultant’s Parlor in Losomn. If you don’t have this location in your playthrough, reroll in Adventure Mode until this area becomes available. Remember, you can only do Adventure Mode once you complete Losomn in its entirety.

At the end of Postultant’s Parlor, you will see a statue sitting at the Chess Table. Sit down with the statue and play a game of chess with him, where your goal is to get all three of your chess pieces in the top row. While the way to win this is random, I’ll tell you how I solved this puzzle below.

  1. Take the middle piece and move it diagonally to the top left slot.
  2. Move the bottom piece to the center slot.
  3. Move the centerpiece to the top middle slot.
  4. Move the left piece to the center.
  5. Move the center piece diagonally to the top right slot.

Getting three chess pieces in the top row will open the door behind the statue. Inside this door, you’ll find the Royal Hunting Bow.

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How to Get the Saggitarius Bow in Remnant 2

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Players can find the Saggitarius Bow in the Cathedral of Omens dungeon of Yaesha. There are no enemies in this dungeon you have to worry about. Instead, a puzzle requires you to pull levers in the proper order. Follow the steps below to solve this puzzle and get the Saggitarius Bow. The answers below correspond to you looking at the puzzle from the entrance. For example, when I say middle lever, I mean the one in front of the entrance.

  1. Middle lever.
  2. Middle lever.
  3. Middle lever.
  4. Middle lever.
  5. Right lever.
  6. Right lever.
  7. Left lever.
  8. Left lever.
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Following those steps will cause the Saggitarius Bow to come out of the ground in the middle of the room. Grab it to add it to your collection!

- This article was updated on July 28th, 2023

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