How to Get a Neon Gorilla in Adopt Me!

What is a gorilla's favorite ice cream flavor... chocolate chimp

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Uplift Games

Are you wondering how to get a Neon Gorilla in Adopt Me!, which will have its face, ears, feet, and underbelly glow orange? Your ability to obtain the necessary number of fully grown Gorillas will become much more difficult because you can no longer purchase them and can only obtain them by trading. We have the exact steps you need to take to get a Neon gorilla in the popular Roblox game, Adopt Me! before the Gorilla Fairground event ends.

How to Make a Gorilla Neon in Adopt Me!

You can only purchase Gorillas until March 30, 2023, when the Gorilla Fairground event ends. After that, the only way to obtain Gorillas is by trading for them, making this process much more difficult.

You can obtain a Gorilla by purchasing the following boxes from the Gorilla Fairgrounds:

  • Gorilla Box: 600 Bucks (You will have a 100% chance to get a Gorilla with this type of box)
  • Premium Gorilla Box: 195 Robux (You will have a 90% chance to get a Gorilla with this type of box)

Purchase enough boxes until you have four Gorillas. From there you will need to level all four of them to the fully grown status. Here are the tricks the Gorilla will learn in order:

  • Newborn: Sit
  • Junior: Joyful
  • Pre-Teen: Beg
  • Teen: Jump
  • Post-Teen: Trick 1
  • Full Grown: Trick 2

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After obtaining your four fully grown Gorillas, you must head to Adoption Island. Then, you will want to find a secret door underneath the main bridge that connects the Adoption Island to the Neighborhood. This door leads to the Neon Cave, where you must place your four fully grown Gorillas in the glowing circles. This will cause them to merge and create a Neon Gorilla.

How to Get a Mega Neon Gorilla in Adopt Me!

A Mega Neon Gorilla’s face, ears, feet, and underbelly will cycle through the different colors of the rainbow. To get a Mega Neon Gorilla, you must merge four fully grown Neon gorillas in the Neon Cave. You can do so by placing your four fully gown Neon gorillas around the round platform’s edge in glowing circles. This will cause them to merge to create a Mega Neon version.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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