How to Get a Steam Deck for Free During The Game Awards

Time to acquire a Steam Deck through a giveaway!

by Gordon Bicker

Steam Deck fans would certainly never shy away from trying to get one if they don’t already currently own the device. Thankfully there is now a way that they may be able to get their hands on one through The Game Awards if they couldn’t already acquire the deck. While some are busy learning how to vote for the 2022 Game Awards, others have noticed a very special announcement on Steam about the upcoming show. This article will take you through how to enter a giveaway for the chance to get a Steam Deck for Free.

Getting A Steam Deck for Free Watching The Game Awards

As noted above there is a specific official giveaway that you will have to enter in order to get the chance of winning a Steam Deck. You can proceed to the official Steam page for the giveaway through this link to begin the process of registering for the event. Click on the large blue button that says ‘Sign In’ or ‘Register Now’ if you are already signed in. Once you have done so you will automatically be entered for the giveaway.

You will need to watch The Game Awards when it airs on December 8 at 5pm PST. Every minute of the show Steam will be giving away a Steam Deck to a lucky winner of that minute. Be sure to also check your Steam Inventory to view your Steam Pal Digital Sticker that has been given to you for entering.

Are There Any Additional Rules and Terms for the Giveaway?

Yes, there are. Make sure to check on the main page for the link that says ‘View Official Rules’ and read through all of them to make sure you can actually enter the event. One of the hidden away rules is that you have to have made a purchase on through Steam between November 14 of last year and November 14 of this year.

Once you have read through all of the rules you will happily be able to partake in the giveaway knowing that you may indeed get the chance of winning a Steam Deck. Maybe you will even be preparing the best settings for Elden Ring on the Steam Deck in no time.

The Steam Deck is available at this very moment.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2022