How Do You Vote for The Game Awards 2022?

Time to get voting for the 2022 Game Awards!

by Gordon Bicker

The Game Awards 2022 is just around the corner and many have been wondering how to actually submit their votes for the nominees. There is much anticipation for the show as we all get to celebrate the beautiful nature of gaming as a whole. To celebrate everything that the year has brought us in the sphere of the industry. Along with that, people can also expect world premieres of games like what occurred at last year’s Game Awards. This article will take you through exactly how to vote for The Game Awards 2022 in order to prepare for the grand event in December.

Voting for Nominees in The Game Awards 2022

In order to vote for all of the various categories you can make your way to the official website of the show. Head to the ‘nominees’ section which can be accessed through this link. When you are there, click the ‘Start Voting’ button and you will be taken to the first category you can vote for. This will be the ‘Game of the Year’ category. It should be noted that you will have to sign in to be able to vote.

You can sign into the website by pressing the ‘sign in’ text at the top right of the screen. From there you can log in with the following: Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, or Google. You may also choose to opt into the mailing list by ticking the box below the icons with various platforms. Once you are signed in, proceed back to the voting area and you can start voting for each of the categories.

How Many Categories are in The Game Awards 2022?

There are thirty-one categories that you can vote for during this year’s event. These range from the common ones like ‘Best Game Direction’ and ‘Best Art Direction’ to even five different Esports categories. Of course, content creators also get their section of awards where people can vote for selected folks. It’s nice to be able to voice support for those who spend their time day in, and day out creating a range of content for people to enjoy.

It won’t be long now until you’re able to enjoy everything that The Game Awards 2022 offers when it airs on the 8 December at 4:30pm PT. Time to get busy after finding out how to vote for The Game Awards 2022!

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2022

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