How to Get all Achievements in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Can you get them all?

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is here, giving players all over the world the ability to romance The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, or The Spirit, as you get to know them and enjoy a ”peaceful” island paradise. With that said, the game features a wide array of achievements, but how can you unlock all of them? To answer that and more, here’s how to get all the achievements on Hooked on You.

How to get all Achievements in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

You can currently earn a total of 36 achievements on Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim. You can check out all 36, as well as how to get them, below. With that said, it’s important to point out that the list is still being updated.

  • Casual Minigamer: Play a minigame for the first time.
  • Still Alive: Survive your first day on the island.
  • Trial Run: Play for 1 hour.
  • Two Days in Paradise: Unlocked after surviving your second day.
  • One Down: Complete the game for the first time (Any route).
  • The Trapper’s Trophy: Unlocked by getting killed by The Trapper during the playthrough.
  • See Ya, Trapper: Unlocked by eliminating The Trapper.
  • Hardcore Minigamer: Get a perfect score on any minigame.
  • Forest Friend: Accompany The Huntress. (Route exclusive).
  • Morose Match: Accompany The Spirit. (Route exclusive).
  • Friends Forever: Finish the game without succeeding in making any character fall in love with you.
  • Peace Out, Wraith: Eliminate The Wraith.
  • Gruesome Twosome: TBA.
  • The Hunger: Complete The Huntress’ route (Good ending).
  • Pensive Pairing: Accompany The Wraith. (Route exclusive).
  • Later, Spirit: Eliminate The Spirit.
  • Goodbye, Huntress: Eliminate The Huntress.
  • The Spirit’s Vengeance: Unlocked by getting killed by The Spirit during the playthrough.
  • Time Killer: Reload the game a set number of times.
  • Blood Pact: Unlocked after completing The Wraith’s route and performing the ritual (Good ending).
  • Dark Heart: Complete The Spirit’s route (Good ending).
  • The Huntress’ Prey: Unlocked by getting killed by The Huntress during the playthrough.
  • Love Hurts: Complete The Trapper’s route (Good ending).
  • Obsessed Much?: TBA.
  • The Horror: Reject The Huntress at the end of her route.
  • Assassin’s Blade: Reject The Spirit at the end of the playthrough.
  • Star Killer: Reject The Wraith at the end of his route.
  • The Wraith’s Wreckage: Get killed by The Wraith.
  • Last Laugh: Reject The Trapper at the end of the playthrough.
  • Pro Minigamer: Complete all minigames at least once.
  • For Better, For Worse: Get all the good endings.
  • Cold Blooded: Reject all killers.
  • Glutton For Punishment: Get killed by all killers.
  • Mind Eraser: Get tricked by The Trickster. (Doing this will result in losing your saved data).
  • Completionist: Unlock all the endings available. You can get the good endings by confessing at the end of each route, the bad endings by rejecting your chosen killer at the end of each playthrough, and the neutral (Friendship) ending by not winning anyone’s heart at the end.
  • Serial Dater: TBA

You can currently play Hooked on You exclusively on PCs, via Steam.

- This article was updated on August 8th, 2022

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