How to Get and Spend Gold in Marvel Snap

Check out how to get and how to spend Gold in Marvel Snap

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Marvel Snap allows players to assemble decks featuring a wide array of both heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, making the title a must for all fans of the brand. With that said, in the game, players can make use of many currencies in order to gain new cards and enhance their fully customized decks, such as Credit and Gold. But how can you get Gold in Marvel Snap, and more importantly, after getting it, how can you spend it?

How to Get Gold in Marvel Snap

You can get Gold in Marvel Snap by purchasing the currency on the game’s shop, reaching new Battle Pass tiers, and by completing weekly challenges. You will be able to complete weekly challenges by completing a set amount of daily missions. If you are a new player, there’s no reason to fret, as you will easily be able to complete many challenges by using well build starter decks.

Currently, you can purchase Gold as part of packs of 300, 700, 1450, 2600, 3850, and 8000. You can check out the price for each pack below:

  • 300 Gold: $4,99
  • 700 Gold: $9,99
  • 1450 Gold: $19,99
  • 2600 Gold: $34,99
  • 3850 Gold: $49,99
  • 8000 Gold: $99,99

Reaching level 20 on the game’s standard battle pass will reward you with 200 Gold in total.

How to Spend Gold on Marvel Snap

Once you acquired Gold, you will be able to spend it by heading to the game’s store. Where you will be able to use the currency to either purchase large amounts of Credits or bundles or cosmetics, the latter of which are surprisingly expensive. The game’s shops rotate often, so it’s highly recommended that you keep your eyes open for new deals.

You can currently spend Gold in order to purchase 2 distinct Credit packs, featuring 150 and 500 Credits respectively. The 150 Credits pack costs 120 Gold, while the 400 Credits one can be acquired in exchange for 500 Gold.

You can play Marvel Snap right now on both PC and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2022

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