How to Get Bangalore’s Prestige Skin in Apex Legends Gaiden Event

Here's how to unlock the new Bangalore Prestige skin in Apex Legends.

by Noah Nelson


As the new highly anticipated Gaiden event launches in Apex Legends, Bangalore is also receiving her Prestige skin. Though the idea of Prestige skins was met with mixed reviews by fans when Bloodhound received the first, Respawn is full steam ahead on kitting out all of their legends with Prestige skins to go with their legendary heirlooms. Here is the Bangalore Prestige skin and how to get it in Apex Legends.

Bangalore Prestige Skin in Apex Legends

Bangalore is the second legend in Apex Legends to receive her Prestige skin. It is called “Apex Commander.” If you don’t know, Prestige skins are the most epic skins available for a legend and are at a Mythic rarity level. They have three tiers to them which means players need to upgrade the skins to the final tier by using the skin. There is an easy way to get the Bangalore Prestige skin before the evolutive skin gets trapped in the Mythic Store.

In order to ensure you get the Bangalore Prestige skin, you’ll need to collect all 40 Gaiden event items. There are 8 Legendaries, 15 Epics, and 16 Rare items to get. Just as previous events worked, the Gaiden event packs will grant players at least one non-duplicate Gaiden item. If you plan on buying all the Gaiden items, it is 16,000 Apex Coins.

The best method to maximize your chance at getting the Bangalore Prestige skin is to craft the Rare Gaiden items first with Crafting Material, buy any event bundles you want, and then open all of the Gaiden event packs to finish off the collection. By doing this, you’ll definitely get all of the Gaiden event items and ensure you unlock Bangalore’s Prestige skin in Apex Legends. If you don’t get the skin in this event, the Bangalore Prestige skin will exclusively be available in the Mythic Store for 150 Heirloom Shards.

How to Level Up Bangalore Prestige Skin

Once you have the Bangalore “Apex Commander” Prestige skin, it is likely going to follow the same level-up process as the Bloodhound Prestige skin. To get to tier 2, you’ll need to do 30,000 damage as Bangalore in the Prestige skin. This can be done in any game mode, and we recommend doing it in Control. The third and final tier is unlocked when you deal a total of 100,000 damage with the Bangalore Prestige skin.

After unlocking all of the tiers, you will unlock a special finisher. Also, you will be able to switch between any of the tiers whenever you want.

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Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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