How to Get Dual Pistols in V Rising

Here's how to get the Dual Pistols in V Rising!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to get dual pistols in V Rising after the Secrets of Gloomrot update? The Dual Pistols are a great ranged weapon. They don’t have the crossbow range, but their abilities make for a devastating one, two-punch toward bosses and large groups of enemies. Unfortunately, you must defeat a high-level V Blood Boss to unlock the recipe for Dual Pistols in V Rising, but we have all the tips you need to do so.

How to Unlock the Dual Pistols Recipe in V Rising

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To unlock the Recipe for Dual Pistols in V Rising, you must defeat the level 57 V Blood boss, Jade the Vampire Hunter. Once unlocked, you can craft the Dual Pistols using the Smithy crafting workbench.

The recipe in-game will say Iron Pistols, but it will provide you with the Dual Pistols weapon. This recipe will cost you the following materials:

  • 15 Iron Ingot
  • 12 Plank

The base level Dual Pistols are Level 15 and are blood-bound.

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How to Beat Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising

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I have found that Jade the Vampire Hunter is easy to beat if you are at level. However, this boss can be a more brutal fight if you are not at the correct level. I could beat her at a lower level, but it took a few tries, and I had to use long-range abilities to keep my distance from her dangerous attacks. So if you are eager to get the Dual Pistols before you hit level, then you can.

The best weapon to use is the sword because you will want to be up in her face when you are attacking her. Your Q and E weapon abilities will chunk down her life pretty quickly. I also found that the Chaos Volley and Blood Rage abilities paired nicely with the sword.

If you hear her say One Shot, One Kill, you must use a travel skill to get out of her sight. Otherwise, she will one-shot you. In addition, she has other rapid-fire skills that you need to counter with defensive skills to mitigate the damage. However, I wouldn’t recommend this if you aren’t at the correct level. You are, instead, going for travel or dodge skills, which will help preserve your health longer.

How do You Use Dual Pistols in V Rising?

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The Auto Attack for the Dual Pistols takes a bit to get used to. This is because the first bullet is delayed, and the following two bullets are rapidly fired. However, you can delay the time between your shots by up to two seconds. With a bit of practice, you can master it in no time. I recommend you practice on weaker enemies to get the hang of the timing. For instance, I got four bullets to fire in a single auto-attack chain.

The Q ability causes you to spew out a hail of ten bullets, similar to Miss Fortune’s ultimate if you’ve ever played League of Legends. These bullets also have a knockback effect that makes them for Crowd Control. I recommend you use this ability when facing bosses, as it will shred their armor.

The E ability causes you to perform a dodge roll and then fire a bullet that explodes on a delayed timer. This provides excellent escapes and damages all in one explosive package.

A good combo to use with the Dual Pistols is as follows:

  1. Use E to dodge backward and shoot an enemy in the middle of a large crowd.
  2. Use your Q to finish off that same group of enemies

This combination will kill enemies quickly whether you are using it defensively or offensively.

- This article was updated on May 17th, 2023

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