How to Get the Greatsword in V Rising

Here's how to get the Greatsword in V Rising!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to get the Greatsword in V Rising after seeing gameplay footage in the trailer for the first significant update, Secrets of Gloomrot? Unfortunately, you must defeat a high-level V Rising Blood boss to unlock the recipe for the Greatsword. Trust me, though. The Greatsword has become the best weapon in the game and is worth unlocking in V Rising.

How to Unlock the Greatsword Recipe in V Rising

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To unlock the Recipe for the Greatsword in V Rising, you must defeat the level 44 V Blood boss, Tristan the Vampire Hunter. Once unlocked, you can craft the Greatsword using the Smithy crafting workbench.

The Greatsword recipe will cost you the following materials:

  • 15 Iron Ingot
  • 12 Plank

The base level Greatsword is Level 15 and is blood-bound.

How to Beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter in V Rising

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The best way I found to beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter is by keeping your distance, circling around him, and abusing your abilities like your dashes and healing abilities. He isn’t as difficult as Jade the Vampire Hunter is, but you still need to handle the battle carefully. I also found it is possible to beat him before you reach the correct level meaning you can unlock the Greatsword recipe much sooner.

I used a traditional Sword to beat him because the two innate abilities do a lot of damage, so you will chunk him down fast. In addition, the abilities that I beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter with were Chaos Volley and Blood Rage because they pair well with the sword’s innate abilities.

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How Do You use the Greatsword in V Rising?

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The auto attack pattern for the Greatsword is three swings, which things like attack speed can enhance. In addition, it is the perfect weapon to pair with the Blood spells like Blood Rage. As a result, you’ll hit with a large amount of damage and return a large amount of health.

The Q ability is a large dash that performs an upward swing that knocks up an enemy. This is useful for engaging in on bosses and then targeting them with your E ability, which is where the Greatsword shines.

The E ability causes you to jump in the air and slam down. You can reorient yourself in a 360-degree area while in the air to slam down where you need to. However, this ability becomes overpowered because you cannot be targeted in the air. During my testing, I found that spells, attacks, and AOE abilities won’t affect you while in the air. I also found this works for PvE encounters and PvP battles, making it one of the most potent weapons in the game.

- This article was updated on May 18th, 2023

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