How to Get Fabric in Sun Haven

by Alex Huebner
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As you begin to progress through your first season, Spring, you may be wondering how to get fabric in Sun Haven. This comes up for a few reasons in the story, like needing to make a pair of gloves or assisting Bernard with the lantern festival that happens on day 28 of Spring. Or maybe you’re doing your own thing and just want some new clothes and furniture. Whatever the reason, here’s how you get fabric.

Build a Loom to Make Fabric in Sun Haven

In order to make fabric, you’ll need the appropriate crafting station. In this case, you’ll need a loom to create fabric. This can be made at a crafting table in 45 game minutes for 24 wood planks (96 logs) and two silk. With these items in your inventory, simply approach your crafting table, press “E”, and scroll down to “Loom”. Then press the x1 button on the right to make a single loom station, pick it up when it’s complete, and place it wherever you’d like to begin crafting.

Create Fabric on a Loom in Sun Haven

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Now that you’ve made your Loom, crafting fabric should be simple. You’ll just need to use your scythe to collect silk from trees that have spiderwebs hanging off the branches, or your axe to chop down the whole tree. The silk will fall as you chop and you’ll get logs from the tree. At the loom, you will need three pieces of silk to create a single fabric. The silk will regenerate on trees over a few days, but if you need more immediately, you may want to explore the wilderness areas for more silky trees. 

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Purchase Fabric in Sun Haven

If all of that sounds like more work than you’d like to put in and you’re lucky to have the right merchant in town, you can also purchase fabric from the Sun Haven Market’s Romance Merchant. It will cost you 500 coins per fabric though, so come prepared.

Fabricate Your Dreams

Once you have it there are many cool things you can make with fabric in Sun Haven including armor sets, furniture pieces, and clothing items. Or you can even help rebuild the clothing store and check out what new items are available each day to build up a killer wardrobe. Whatever fits your style.

- This article was updated on April 8th, 2023

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