How to Get Gold Ingots in V Rising

Planning to get Gold Ingots within V Rising?

by Gordon Bicker


V Rising has everything you’d no doubt want from a survival-based game. From Vampires to bosses to exciting blood-curdling abilities. Through your time playing the experience, you will certainly be gathering a lot of resources for crafting and some resources are easier to acquire than others. One such resource that players have been trying to get lots of and actually work out how to get is gold ingots. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about how to get gold ingots in V Rising.

How To Acquire Gold Ingots In V Rising

There are a few steps to getting gold ingots within the experience. Firstly, you will need to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer who is a Level 68 boss. It should be noted that you can utilize the Blood Altar to track bosses within the game. This specific boss can be found at the ‘Brighthaven Cathedral’ so it’s time to get your church clothes on and prepare to leave a trail of vampire-fuelled destruction in your wake.

After you defeat the boss, you will unlock the crafting recipe for gold ingots and now you will be able to get the ingots. In terms of what you actually need for the recipe, you will require a furnace first and foremost. In order to smelt some gold ingots, you need eight Sulphur and eight pieces of Gold Jewelry.

Where to Get Gold Ingot Crafting Resources

The Jewelry can be dropped by enemies and specifically, the enemies around Brighthaven Cathedral are perfect for farming to get more Gold Jewelry. Specifically, Wizards and Paladins are a great source of Gold Jewelry. Time to get your horse and travel to the area again!

In terms of where to get Sulphur, you can mine Sulphur ore to acquire a lot of it efficiently. An excellent place for finding sulphur ore is within the ‘Bandit Sulphur Quarry’ in the Farbane Woods on the west coast of the area.

When you have the materials, you can now craft gold ingots!

V Rising is available now for players on Early Access for Steam.

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