How to Get Infinite Rupees in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Are you on the hunt for as many Rupees as possible? Look no further!

by Gordon Bicker
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Golden Horse
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are always on the lookout for any glitches that the community finds and one of these has been an infinite rupee glitch. One of the most sought-after resources in the game — quite literally money — now has a duplication method. This article will take you through how to get infinite rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Process to Get Infinite Rupees in TOTK | Infinite Rupees Glitch

In order to actually do the infinite rupee glitch you will have to follow a particular set of steps. The glitches themselves only take a small bit of time to actually perform and you can duplicate any item in Tears of the Kingdom. We have listed some steps below for you to follow if you wish to use the Infinite Rupees glitch in the game by way of duplicating items and/or weapons.

How to Duplicate Items in Tears of the Kingdom

  1. Make sure you have the item which you would like to duplicate fused to a bow. In other words: Have a bow equipped and readied then press the D-Pad up button to select an item to fuse to your bow.
  2. You will need at least two bows in your inventory. Open up your inventory and select and drop the equipped bow.
  3. Equip another bow.
  4. Close and open back up the inventory screen very quickly.
  5. Drop the bow you last equipped then close the inventory and pick up the two bows.
  6. You will now have duplicated the fused item and can sell this to merchants for essentially infinite rupees if you keep duplicating items to sell.

How to Duplicate Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

  1. In order to duplicate weapons, make sure to unequip all weapons and clear your inventory so there is only a torch left. This is to ensure that the torch is one of the “types” of weapon.
  2. Pick up a weapon from somewhere on the ground once dropped and/or found. Do not press A.
  3. Open your inventory with the “+” button.
  4. Your picked-up item should be equipped, if it is press “Y” to sort the weapons.
  5. Exit the main inventory and then you can press A. Now go back to your inventory and drop your equipped item. The dropped item will be the duplicate of what you wanted originally.
  6. You can then sell the weapons to again make infinite rupees if you keep doing the glitch.

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However, as with any exploitive glitch like this, it is fully up to you what you decide to do with it. Many prefer to simply not use the glitch — and we understand why! There is no telling what could happen to players who use it but since it is an in-game glitch, there likely won’t be any repercussions for using it until it is patched.

When Will the Infinite Rupee Glitch be Patched in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Due to the impact of the glitch on the in-game economy and the potential bypassing of resource-gathering moments, it is highly likely that this will be patched out very soon. Version 1.1 has all of these glitches at the time of writing. I would recommend acting fast if you would actually like to use the duplication glitches.

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For the time being, you can hop into The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and try this yourself if you would like some quick and easy Rupees — you may also simply just be curious about how the glitch mechanically works like we were!

- This article was updated on May 17th, 2023

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