How to Get More Units in Marvel Snap

Find the best ways to get the strongest cards and make your opponents fold.

by J.R. Waugh


Marvel Snap is an incredibly fun new way to interact with your favorite Marvel superheroes, in the form of a strategic, turn-based card battle game. While similar to Hearthstone, it has its own twists and hooks, including unique abilities based on established Marvel characters and tight, concise action to keep your brain involved all throughout each match. No 2 matches will be the same, often enough, and you’ll need the best possible formations to keep opponents on their toes and make the strongest decks. But with this in mind, you might be wondering how you can add units of currency, or Credits, to grow your Collection Level and gain access to stronger cards.

Credits Are the Main Units of Currency in Marvel Snap: How Do You Get Them?

Getting Credits is reasonable and can be obtained regularly through the following methods:

  • Leveling up your Season Pass, where you’ll typically get more Credits every few levels (4 level intervals being the average)
  • Collecting 50 free Credits in the Shop menu every 12 hours
  • Completing Weekly Challenge Missions usually grants ~50-100 Credits and ~25-50 Season Pass XP
  • Every 8 Collection Levels you will gain Credits as rewards for progression
  • Can be purchased with Gold at the Shop (another unit of currency, Microtransactions are involved in this option but you can still get through Ranked Rewards, be aware)
  • Ranked rewards often have Credits as bonuses for achieving certain ranks: 100 for Iron, 200 for Silver, 250 for Platinum, 300 for Diamond, 500 for Omega.

The nice thing about Credits is that you don’t have to have the Premium Pass to still regularly collect these and improve your collection. Patience, regular play sessions, and keen awareness of the rewards systems will get you many types of units of currency in Marvel Snap.

How Do You Get More Cards in Marvel Snap?

Getting more cards in Marvel Snap can be done easily, and for free, primarily by gaining Collection Levels or leveling up your Season Pass. The Season Pass is a far more limited option, with the introductory pass giving you a small taste before leading into the ‘Symbiote Invasion’ 50-tier pass where you have to buy in to access the card rewards.

The Collection Levels route is your most reliable option to get new cards for free, where for your first 500 collection levels you’ll gain a new card every 4 levels. After that, it’ll be every 8 levels where you’ll get access to a Collector’s Cache holding Mystery Cards or Currency, and once you reach 1000, the Collector’s Reserve with similar rewards every 12 levels.

What Are Other Ways to Get Cards in Marvel Snap?

If you buy the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll gain access to additional, exclusive rewards including new card units in the game for $9.99 USD. There is also the Premium+ version for $14.99 USD which allows you to advance your Season Pass by 10 levels, which can be helpful if you’ve already got a head start. Finally, there is the Welcome Bundle for $2.99 USD. Whether this option remains the only way to get these Season Pass rewards remains to be seen — you can seemingly gain Collection Levels beyond 5000 and potentially ad infinitum, but this is always an option for players with a bit of cash to spend. Whether you’re playing alone or eventually with friends, you’ll want the best possible cards.

Marvel Snap released on October 18, 2022 for iOS and Android. On that same day, an Early Access version for Steam was released.

- This article was updated on October 21st, 2022

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