How to Get Recall Glove in Roblox: Slap Battles

Here's how to get this powerful new glove!

by Christian Bognar
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Roblox Slap Battles is a game about slapping other players — although it is a bit more complex than that. Slap Battles feature tons of gloves that players can equip, each with strengths, special abilities, and unique playstyle. The game constantly gets updated with new gloves for players to try out, and one of the most recent additions is the Recall Glove. Here is how you can get the latest glove in Slap Battles!

Steps to Get the Recall Glove in Slap Battles

The Recall Glove is tied to the Repressed Memories badge, so your main goal should be acquiring the badge first and foremost. To do this, you will want to equip the Reverse Glove and slap another player with this glove to teleport to another world. Keep in mind the chance of teleporting is around 5%, so if it doesn’t work the first time — continue slapping another player with the Reverse Glove.

Once you finally teleport to the new world, you will find an NPC that looks exactly like you — essentially a clone. This NPC will ask you a series of questions about Slap Battles, so your knowledge of the game must be on point.

NPC Clone Questions and Simon Says Game

Ensure you know the answers listed below for this NPC’s quiz. It would be wise to write these answers down before starting the quiz.

  • Your slap count
  • Chat color
  • The player count currently on the server
  • Age of your account.
  • Do you know who I am? – A forgotten memory
  • Did you forget that you repressed your memories? – Yes
  • What glove needs exactly 9750 slaps? – Coil
  • When was Slap Battles released? – 16/2/2021
  • What is the chance of Bob? – 1/7500
  • How many glove stands are there in Slap Battles? – 110
  • Do you want to play Simon? – Yes
  • What is the name of Glitch Glove? – 01010010 01010101 01001110
  • If 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, what does 6=? – 3
  • Who controls this Realm? – Tencell
  • What has a bottom at the top? – A leg
  • What glove can’t you hit when it isn’t there? – Elude
  • What has four fingers and a thumb but is not alive? – Glove

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After answering all the questions, you must play Simon Says with the NPC. If you are unfamiliar with Simon Says, the rules are that you must only do what the NPC tells you to do when he begins the sentence with “Simon Says.” So, for example, when he says, “Jump off the map,” you ignore it and don’t jump off the map. But if he says, “Simon Says to jump off the map,” go ahead and jump off the map.

Continue playing Simon Says and listen carefully and remember that the NPC will be telling you these commands from his point of view — meaning that when the NPC says left, what it really means is your right.

Once you successfully complete the Simon says game and have answered all the questions correctly, the game will reward you with the Repressed Memories badge and the Recall Glove. Now you can equip the Glove and use its powerful abilities — which this guide will go over below.

Recall Glove Ability and Powers

The Recall Glove’s primary ability consists of bringing the player back to the position they were at 7 seconds before activating the glove’s power. The Recall Glove also grants a short duration of invisibility and a speed boost while summoning two portals the players can use — so yeah, it is a valuable glove.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2023

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